Skill matrix software for agile teams

Managing skills with excel is a pain. With TeamSkills, agile teams have finally an enterprise tool do develop their skills.

skill matrix

Define your skill requirements and identify the gaps.

Define what the skill levels required in your team.

Identify how many team members must be trained to ensure that your team is always able to deliver.

Visualize your progress

Analyze with our spider diagrams the learning potential of your team and how much progress has been made.

Keep an eye on your key skills and ensure that your team has sufficient knowledge.

skill spider diagram

Collaborate to develop skills

The success of agile teams depends on their competences.

Support your team to elaborate a growth strategy and find the right actions to develop skills.

skill levels

Make the expectations clear for each skill level

Use a common skill definition for your company that be reused in each team.

Define the requirements for each skill level and select the associated roles.

Skill development plan and reminders made easy

Help your team members to define their own skill development plan.

Provide training recommendations from the training catalog of your company.

Define repetitive reminders for your team to renew certifications.

skill development plan
skill development on the organization

Support the development of skills in the whole organization

Identify the most needed skills in the organization and adapt the training offer to better support the teams.


Secured Cloud hosting in Europe.
Hosting in your infrastructure possible.

Compliant to European Data Protection Policy (GDPR).

Data aggregation in your organization structure and display in a company dashboard.

Connection with Data Analytics Tools (e.g Tableau) with a RESTfull API.

Single Sign-On with your company authentication server using the OAUTH protocol.

Integration with JIRA for task management.

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