How to import actions in Jira

Learn how to import the actions decided in a retro in your Jira project in few clicks.

In the retro summary, click on the download button to export the actions to a CSV file.

In your Jira project go to the “Issues” view and click on the three dots at to top left of the screen. Select “Import issues from CSV”.

Select the CSV file you have just exported.

Select the Project where you want to import the actions, and change the settings as follows:

You can now map the action properties to your issue properties as follows:

By selecting “Map field value” you can map the assignees to the Jira users.
In the mapping screen, enter the corresponding email addresses of the Jira users.

You can now start importing the actions in your Jira project. Save the mapping configuration in a text file. You will be able to import the actions in few clicks the next time!