Our Mission: To help organizations develop their full potential

In an increasingly complex and volatile world, the continuous improvement of value generation, collaboration and adaptability has become a key priority.

AgileValue offers software solutions to help businesses improve and be more successful.

We bring more transparency in agile organizations

The way organizations are driven is dramatically changing. The organizations become more and more customer-centric and need to give more autonomy to their teams.

We want to build the first platform to unleash the potential of self-organizing teams and organizations. Our software brings more transparency, enabling people to learn faster, align to common goals and make better decisions.

Our philosophy

People are at the heart of Digital Transformation.

We don’t compare. Each company and each individual is unique.

We maximize the value created for our partners.

Any change is more effective if teams drive it.

Our tools encourage dialogue and make it more productive.

Our Customers are our Partners.